Angular vs React: What to Choose for Your App?

There are lots of articles that you may find while searching for “React vs Angular” or “Angular vs React” on internet it’s a miracle that you are here so, I want it to be simple as much as possible.

Table of content:

  1. React

3. Difference between React and Angular

4. What to Choose for you app.

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A JavaScript front-End library for building user interfaces. React is an open source that maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. React can be use as a base in the development of Single-page Applications as well as Multi-page Applications.

Some popular react applications are,

  1. Facebook.
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Angular is also suitable for both web and mobile development. In mobile development, however, a great share of work is done by Ionic. Furthermore, similarly to React, Angular has an additional mobile development framework. The counterpart of React-Native is Nativ.

Angular can also be used for both single- and multiple-page web apps.

Some popular applications that uses Angular are,

  1. Upwork.

Difference Between React and Angular

In this section I want to give some key differences between React and Angular.

What to Choose for you app?

People often have problem while starting a project that which framework is more reliable?

You should choose the Angular framework when developing a large-scale application that is loaded with various features. It gives you a reliable and scalable framework. The use of the Angular framework makes the development of real-time message apps easy. Also, teams well-versed in TypeScript find Angular easier to work with.

Reacts are used to develop single-page and cross-platform applications with ease. They can be used to extend an app’s existing capabilities. React has made it possible for developers to make light applications that have modern capabilities in a short time-frame. React offers a plethora of advantages, one of them is the availability of tools that can be used to personalize your webpage with ease.


Eventually, React vs Angular is all a matter of personal preference, a matter of skills and habits. As a beginner in programming, you would probably benefit more from starting with React. As an experienced developer, you just keep working with what you know better. Do not forget to challenge yourself and start learning a new framework, React or Angular. As a Project Manager or a business owner outsourcing developers, you should talk to your web development team and together choose the framework that suits all of you best, would it be Angular or React.Thanks



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